8 Steps to choosing your Florist


There are a lot of elements to creating a dream wedding, and one of those elements is choosing a florist. Sure, it might seem easy at first glance – just pick someone who won’t charge an arm and a leg and who can give you pretty flowers for the big day. But there are a lot of things to consider to make sure that you’re happy with the flowers you get for the wedding. Here are some tips for choosing a florist for your wedding.

1. Choose your Style first

Choose a style that will match your wedding venue. Too often we find Brides come with the most lavish ideas, but the venue is completely not suitable for the look. If your venue is rustic, then it is best to stick to a chic-rustic look. If it is modern, then go for a more minimalist look. 

2. Gather your Ideas

Find ideas and inspirations online and Pinterest is a great way to do that. Please keep in mind that when it comes to flowers, Pinterest might not help as most of the flowers that are grown in is the USA, are not available in South Africa.  A good example would be the beloved Peony.  Adored by all and wanted by many, but for the most part, peonies are imported from the USA and you can pay up to R85 per stem for one flower. So be realistic when getting ideas.

3. Create a Floral Budget

We cannot emphasize this more. Flowers aren’t exactly inexpensive and you are paying someone for their talent to create a breathtakingly beautiful event for your dream day.  You have to consider the budget you have for the entire wedding and decide how much money you’re comfortable spending on the floral arrangements. Communicate your budget to your florist. This will help her to plan the type of flowers to used to fit your budget. 

4. Do your Research

When you’ve got an idea of the direction you want to go with your flowers, it’s time to actually set to work choosing the florist. To do that, you can hit the Internet again and check out online reviews for different places that you’re considering. Do they seem to get positive feedback? Are their customers providing happy feedback after they received services from that company? As you’re doing your research, you can check out their pricing, too. That’s where your budgeting comes in. Does the place that you’re considering fall within your price range? Give them a call to ask if they can work with your budget. 

5. Schedule a Consultation

It is super important to meet with your Florist. By sending a quotation request, what you are inevitably doing is speaking to a computer screen. You need to meet your Florist face-to-face. Besides, your Florist isn't a mind-reader. You need to build up a relationship with that person and she needs to meet you in order to get a feel for your personality and style. It is all about communication and building up trust. 

6.  Get  more than one Quotation

It’s always a good idea to have options. You might want to look into a few places to see what the differences are in pricing, options, and so on. When you talk to these places, make sure that they understand what you’re looking for in the floral arrangements for the wedding. It’s important that everyone’s on the same page with what you’re expecting and hoping for.

 7. Evaluate your Options

Compare apples with apples. What are your options with each Florist? Are they providing you with the same services and the same quality of flowers. ASK your Florist what type of flowers they are using and compare what each Florist offers. Is there a clear choice that seems like it’ll be best? As you consider the different options for florists, don’t just compare pricing. Which florist will truly give you the floral arrangements that you want?

8. Pick a winner

Review your proposals and determine the best match. Negotiate your quotation with your Florist so if you have concerns about any costs or elements of the proposal, talk about them with your chosen florist now. When you're completely satisfied with the proposal, your florist will turn it into a formal contract. Ideally, you'll want to secure a florist five to six months before your wedding.